Bump on vagina during period

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Since you are aware of the lump during the time of your period, a possible reason could be a reaction or irritation from menstrual pads. Sitting in a warm tub bath for 15-20 minutes at a time several times a day may help to relieve any discomfort. Vaginal bumps flare up during monthly periods and become very painful. This is because the area is more moist and has better grounds for the bacteria to grow there. I am on my period and i noticed a bump near my vagina closer to my leg. I have noticed for the past few months that just before my period (3-4days) i get a bump on the lower outside of my vaginal lips. Last month it was on the left side and this month on the right. Its very painful to touch and becomes increasing discomfortable. If youve ever wondered whether the lumps, bumps, and skin color of your vagina are normal, youre not alone. Vaginal bumps and lumps are common, especially as you age and during your. Could it be hormonal, like having pimles on the face when you have your period. Why dont we all try taking lots of water and vitamins to boost our immunity. Bumps on your vagina can be scary (herpes? Cancer?), but most of the time theyre a harmless and treatable symptom. Vaginal bumps and lumps are common, especially as you age and during your childbearing years. If you pull the labia majora apart, youll see your labia minora, the smaller. Or cause discomfort with intercourse or when standing for long periods. That can cause a small, round, sometimes painful or itchy bump to form. What causes an itchy vagina during your period? Medically reviewed by deborah weatherspoon, ph. Vaginal pimples are similar in appearance to pimples that occur in other areas of the body. For example, they may be painful or painless, burning, flesh. Various health conditions may lead to bumps on vagina, vulva or vaginal lips (labia minora or majora). The bumps may be small or large, hard or soft, painful or painless, itchy or not itchy.

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