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  a 5-feet-long rope a 5-foot-long rope some people say that both are correct, but im sure that only one of them is so. Actually ive heard people saying im 5 feet tall and also im 5 foot tall so ? What is the correct structure? Thank you! The lower part of the leg measurement of height, length and depth feet is the plural form of foot. Foot is also used with plural measurements, especially in spoken language and when. In the first example, a 10-year old stands as a noun (notice the article preceding it). In the second example, its not a noun, therefore no article. In the united states, one meaning is a unit of measurement equal to 12 inches, or. The neolithic long foot, first proposed by archeologists mike parker pearson and andrew chamberlain, is based upon calculations from surveys of phase 1 elements at stonehenge. They found that the underlying diameters of the stone circles had been consistently laid out using multiples of a base unit amounting to 30 long feet, which they calculated to be 1.   please find the following extract from the encyclopedia britanica (us) the u. Navys zpg-3w airship403 feet (123 metres) long, 85 feet in diameter, with a capacity of more than 1,500,000 cubic feet (42,450 cubic metres)was the worlds largest nonrigid blimp. Examples (six-foot tall) i have a 6-foot tall friend who barely fits into his 1997 ford aspire. (six-feet tall) i have a friend who barely fits into his 1997 ford aspire because he is six-fe.   50 feet yacht wrong that plane is 300 foot high (would mean the plane is 300 feet from top to bottom) its fifty foot to the bottom (wrong, must use feet) distance use feet, size use foot or feet (this doesnt apply if youre talking about something that is one foot away). The foot is the basic repeating rhythmic unit that forms part of a line of verse in most indo-european traditions of poetry, including english accentual-syllabic verse and the quantitative meter of classical ancient greek and latin poetry. The unit is composed of syllables, and is usually two, three, or four syllables in length. The most common feet in english are the iamb, trochee, dactyl, and. This has been a problem for me, since english isnt my first language, but i got this neat lame trick to remember it when looking at footfeet, remember one has 1 o and foot has 2 os, so remember the os and link them up.

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