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While i dont share your anxiety about asking a stranger for help, i do share your outrage at your brothers actions. Ive never been afraid to ask for help, though ive often been turned down, but im also always quick to offer it, whether a smoker in need of a light, a guy carrying a gas can, a hitch-hiker, or even a lost-looking tourist.   the frightening truth about what freemasons are really up to. Msnbc article on the freemasons society aka masons secret society titled secrets of the lost symbol, 102709. Dear friends, few understand the degree to which secret societies like the masons (a. Freemasons society) wield power and control behind the scenes in our world.   an honest discussion about the facts of chemtrails from a current pilot. Because if covid-19 & facebook im realizing that some of my lodge brothers are a bunch of assholes. Is anyone else seeing this? Im fb friends with about half of the brothers at my lodge and the garbage that theyve been posting is unbelievably ignorant, including intentionally rude comments about covid-19 in regards to masks, sports, church. The liberal party is controlled by freemasons at every level of government. The freemasons are anti-christian and undermine christianity in australia. Pope benedict is either a freemason or a puppet of freemasonry. The media and big business in australia are controlled by freemasons. These freemasons destroyed the name illuminati, and manipulated people think that they are awakeaware. We are starting to hate the same people that are trying to help us! Look at it this way, the freemasons are satanists, the illuminati are luciferian. Top ten masonic conspiracies and the facts behind them whether you believe the masonic brotherhood originated in ancient egypt, with the knights templar or in the medieval stonemason guilds, it is clear that masonry has a long history and plenty of opportunities to get entangled in scandals and conspiracy theories. -controlled global media corporations and national health agencies are lying to you about hydroxychloroquine. The objective is to terrorize the public into eventually consenting to the surrender of. Freemasons are the invisible terrorists within the local community. They could literally clear up crime in 24 hours with the technology available.

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